Q ART SPACE GALLERY - Online Art Platform for Solo Exhibitions

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Opening Time

Our exhibition will open at 14:30 on Saturday, April 15th, which is celebrated as World Art Day.

From the opening, you can watch the exhibition online by clicking the link. We wish you a pleasant viewing.

This exhibition was prepared by Ebru Dede, the founder of Q Art Space Gallery, to set an example. The opening of this exhibition is also the opening date of the gallery.

You can visit the contact page for your exhibition requests.

About Exhibition

The artist's subconscious has always been a matter of curiosity. If you analyse to the artist's subconscious, you will see that the layers are in harmony with each other.

It is difficult to close your eyes to the outside world and read inside. Despite the difficulties, it is always a great happiness to discover new things in your inner world. Because the subconscious always continues to be filled with new things waiting to be discovered.

The artist is a person who can build a bridge between the conscious and the subconscious. The depth of the artist's subconscious is like space. Having a wide imagination, the artist can distinguish between the real and the imaginary world. Just as the universe embraces all the stars, the artist tries to measure and integrate all aspects of events. In this effort, the artist is aware of how she/he gets weird from time to time. The artist has an objective view of the world and the self. Being aware of the negativities of daily life, instead of being carried away by them the artist tries to reflect them by producing works.

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About Artist

Graduated with the first honours degree from the Marmara University’s Department of Painting in 2008, Ebru Dede studied at Accademia di Belle Arti L’Aquila Italy through Erasmus in 2007. She completed her PhD thesis in 2018, in Yildiz Technical University in Art and Design Program. For more information visit her professional web site

Q Art Space is an online art platform established by Ebru Dede to contribute to art in Turkey, where mostly solo exhibitions will be held and art texts will be published. The exhibition is open to different disciplines that can be shown as 2D images and video art. It is important that original and creative works are submitted in the right format for exhibition. Works with different interpretations of form and/or questioning about life will be exhibited primarily. Group exhibitions will be accepted if they are organized by the group members among themselves and presented in the required format.

Q Art Space Türkiye'de sanata katkı sağlamak amacıyla Ebru Dede tarafından kurulan, çoğunlukla kişisel sergilerin yapılacağı ve sanat metinlerinin yayınlanacağı online bir sanat platformudur. Sergi 2B görsel veya video olarak gösterilebilecek türdeki sanat disiplinlerine açıktır. Özgün ve yaratıcı eserlerin sergiye hazır formatta gönderilmesi önemlidir. Farklı biçimsel yorumları olan ve/veya hayata dair bir sorgulaması olan eserler öncelikli olarak sergilenecektir. Grup sergiler, grup üyeleri tarafından kendi aralarında organize edilerek istenilen formatta sunulduğu takdirde kabul edilecektir.

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