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Tuğçe Arıöz "AFLOAT"

Tuğçe Arıöz's artworks have been selected among the applications in the open call made in the memory of April 15, World Art Day.

The exhibition will open at 14:30 on Monday, April 15th, which is celebrated as World Art Day.

Click for visiting. We wish you a pleasant viewing.

About Exhibition

“A World lost under water meets with pictures. Our exhibition tells about the inner cracks of a person occur not by swimming in the shallow waters of reason and logic, but when we dive into the spiritual depths of the water. The joys and sorrows of life gain meaning under water when they exceed the limits of reason and logic. Water breaks objects and shows us the truth; A figure isolated by society, he makes his own internal analysis in the fractures of the rain falling, the sea entering and the tears flowing.

Each painting tries to capture the spiritual breeze of the person in the depths of the water. Huge cities grown by water appear before us as the manifestation of internal cracks. Under the city building metaphor, external problems and internal disappointments combine, inviting the viewer to an immersive journey. This exhibition is more than just paintings, it is an emotional exploration and a journey deep into one’s inner World. Water is not just an environment, but also the beginning of an inner journey; This exhibition offers us that beginning.”

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About Artist

The artist, who graduated from Hacettepe University Department of Art History in 2011, prioritized oil painting, digital collage, manipulation and digital videoart among her expression styles. She has integrated technology and fast production tools into her practice. For more information visit her professional web site

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