Q Art Space is an online art platform established by Ebru Dede to contribute to art in Turkey, where mostly solo exhibitions will be held and art texts will be published. Click for application form

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Solo Exhibition Catalogue of Mehmet Aydın Avcı

In the material visual relationship at the encounters and intersections of lines and stains, spiritual tension points such as Spirit/Body, Flesh/Bone, Word/Behavior, Intention/Action are targeted. In this orientation, which focuses on the identity conflict in the Will/Existence relationship, it can be said that the main the actors become the concepts of “Emotion” and “Mind”.

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Ebru Dede's 7th Solo Exhibition

Ebru Dede’s 7th solo exhibition opened at Q Art Space Online Gallery, on April 15th, 2023. She created this exhibition for the foundation of Q Art Space, to set an example.

Q Art Magazine is aimed to announce the art activities in Turkey in the international art environment.


Tuğçe Arıöz's artworks have been selected among the applications sent in the open call made in memory of April 15 World Art Day.

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Q Art Space is open to solo exhibitions with different disciplines that can be shown as 2D images and video art. Works with different interpretations of form and/or questioning about life will be exhibited primarily.